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Macphie American Cake Muffin Concentrate Make-Up Instructions

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American Cake Muffin Concentrate is a powder concentrate for the production of American cake muffins orqueen cakes. The batter and baked products are both freeze/thaw stable and when baked, the cakes have awrapped shelf life of at least 5 days at ambient depending on the life of any additional ingredients included (blueberries, etc).

A wide variety of American cake muffins can be made by simply adding different fruits, nuts or chocolate chips
to the batter.


  • Using a beater, thoroughly blend powders together in a machine bowl.

  • Blend the liquids together, using water warm enough to give a final batter temperature of 22-24ºC (72-76ºF).

  • Add liquid to powders and mix in on slow speed for 1 minute. Scrape down well.

  • Beat for approximately 6 minutes on middle speed.

  • Fold fruit or chocolate chips, etc. into the batter prior to depositing. (For soft fruits like blueberries or redcurrants use from frozen with a light dusting of flour).

  • Deposit approximately 75g of batter into paper cases on muffin trays (an ice cream scoop of the appropriate size is ideal).

  • Decorate the tops as desired. Bake to a golden colour at 195ºC (390ºF) for approximately 30 minutes.


    Use wholemeal bread flour instead of cake flour to make delicious bran muffins. Grated raw carrot may be added to make something different that will appeal to the health conscious consumer.

    • Replace 20% of the cake flour with cocoa powder for chocolate muffins.
    • Different fruits, etc. may be added to the batter at approximately 100-150g of fruit, etc. per kg of batter: Some suggested varieties are given below.

    Sultanas or Raisins - Frozen Blueberries (do not defrost before use)
    Chopped Glace Cherries - Grated Apple and Cinnamon
    Chocolate Chips/Chunks - Chopped Banana and Walnut
    Chopped Dates and Walnuts - Chopped Pineapple or Orange

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