**IFEX has now been postponed until 17-19th November due to the Coronavirus outbreak**


Visit us at stand A34 at IFEX. Register here for your free entry pass.  

We are excited to be sponsoring various competitions at IFEX 2020. 

Northern Ireland Bakery Professional of the Year 2020 

Sponsored by Andrew Ingredients

Tuesday 24th March 12:30 - 14:00
Chefskills Live Theatre

Rules: 1 hour 30 minutes will be allowed to prepare bake / cook and present a selection of 6 different breads of the competitors' choice. Competitors must show as many bakery skills as possible. All equipment must be supplied by the contestants. Pre-proved dough may be used but no other ingredients are to be added until the competition begins.

Cupcake Artistry Championship (*NEW* Live Decorating Display Class) 

Sponsored by Andrew Ingredients

Various slots over the three days in the NEW Hospitality Skills Hub

Restaurant Innovation – Dessert of the Year

Sponsored by Andrew Ingredients

Wednesday 25th March 13:35 - 14:35
Chefskills Live Theatre

Rules: 1 hour will be allowed to prepare, cook and present 2 same plated portions of a sweet dish of the competitors’ choice. The dessert may be served hot or cold. No prior preparation will be allowed.

Edible Art

Sponsored by Andrew Ingredients in conjunction with Renshaw

Edible Art will incorporate a stunning array of static exhibits in a variety of different mediums that will showcase the skills and talents of the industry. The inspirational exhibits will create an area that truly can be described as “an edible art gallery”

IFEX Street Food International – Tony Hughes Memorial Trophy

Sponsored by Andrew Ingredients in conjunction with Macphie

To be held each day for lunchtime service

Each team will devise and plan an international street food concept that recognises the full business potential of the students in each
team as well as innovative & creative street food preparation and cookery skills. To prepare, cook and serve pre-ticketed diners from a state-of-the-art street food kitchen environment, built and designed to produce high quality international street food to be served “al fresco” in lunch portions in a street venue, over a two-hour service period, delivering exceptional, consistent food. This competition is invite only and is supported by Department for the Economy (DfE). Students will be required to use various Macphie and Andrew Ingredients products as part of their menu in reasonable proportions. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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