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Meneba Plain Spelt Flour (Speltbloem)

Code: HM2863
  • Meneba until you eat Supplier Meneba
  • Bag until you eat Pack Type Bag
  • 25kg until you eat Pack Size 25kg
  • Powder until you eat Product Form Powder
  • Off White until you eat Product Colour Off White


Spelt is an ancient grain from the same family as wheat. Meneba Plain Spelt flour is milled from 100% spelt with no additives. Spelt flour can substitute for wheat flour in many products (breads, pasta, cookies, crackers, cakes, muffins, pancakes and waffles). The starch in spelt is more soluble than wheat and recipes containing spelt flour will frequently require less water than when using wheat flour. People with ÔallergiesÕ to wheat starch commonly report that spelt is easier to digest. Spelt does however contain gluten, and people with gluten allergies (celiac disease) are likely to be allergic to spelt, similar to wheat and other gluten grains.


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