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  • 1 kg Macphie Mac-a-Cake
  • 3.5 kg
  • 2.5 kg
  • 3.4 kg
  • 1.4 kg

Macphie Mac-a-Cake Make Up Instructions

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  • Place the water, whole egg and any fat being added into the machine bowl.

  • Add the sieved and blended dry ingredients.

  • Whisk on slow speed for 1 minute. Scrape down.

  • Whisk on top speed for 4 minutes for sponges and Swiss rolls, 8 minutes Victoria sponges and light Genoese. Beat for 6 minutes on 2nd speed for golden loaf cake.

  • Always finish by whisking for one minute on slow speed.

  • Approximate deposit weights:

    a)  Fatless sponges - 160g (5½oz) into a 15cm (6”) diameter tin.     

    b) Swiss rolls - 1kg (2lb 4oz) into a 75cm x 45cm (30” x 18”) baking sheet.

    c) Victoria sponges - 230g (8oz) into a 15cm (6”) diameter tin. 

    d) Light Genoese - 3.5kg (8lb) into a 75cm x 45cm (30” x 18”) baking sheet.  

    e)  Golden loaf cake - 280g (10oz) into a Total 11.700 26 0    1lb loaf cake tin.  

  • Baking Conditions:

    a) 190-200ºC (380-400ºF) for 20 mins

    b)  250-260ºC (480-500ºF) for 5 mins.

    c)  180-190ºC (360-380ºF) for 25 mins.     

    d) 170-180ºC (340-360ºF) for 40 mins.

    e) 170-180ºC (340-360ºF) for 35 minss.

  • To make chocolate batters, replace 20% of the flour with cocoa powder.

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